About Us

Shaggy Dog is a small family business with a passion and joy of  raising dogs and other hairy creatures. 🙂
We are dedicated to share the experiences and lessons we have learnt throughout the years of working with dogs and alpacas on our family farm in the gorgeous Southern Oregon.

White Puli dog of Shaggy Dog

Our story

We’ve been raising pulis – this lovely, energetic, extremely smart herding breed – and komondors –  one of the smartest livestock guardian dogs – since 2004. During this time we have experienced the passion and joy of dog ownership, having our dogs a part of our family, them growing up with our kids. Of course life brings ups and down, we went through allergies, injuries and unfortunately the heartache of losing them as well.

We always enjoyed taking our dogs where ever we went on trips, camping, hikes and experienced the challenges of traveling and going outdoors present for a family with kids and dogs. It just made perfect sense for us to share what we have learnt. Here we created a platform and continuously adding articles on different topics. We also developed a small productline to help smooth out the years with our furry friends. We hope you’ll enjoy them as well as we do.

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