Getting a New Puppy

Getting a New Puppy

Dogs have been domesticated for 1000’s of years. Some have been helping to herd or guard livestock, others been kept as companion, but there are many other ways dogs have been helping us. All are taking up an invaluable role in human society, and we value them for whatever that role might be.

Whatever your reason is to take on a new dog, we’d like to help you make the best decision to build a long lasting partnership. 🙂
Having a dog is not just fun, but it is a responsibility. They will become a member of your family, but you have to understand that they are not like humans, and their needs and wants are very different then a human child 😉

Before you decide to get a puppy, consider the following questions and make sure you are the right human for a dog, and make sure you can provide what a dog needs. Then the next step is to chose a breed, or find a dog at the shelter.

What is the Reason You Want a Dog?

Depending on what your reasons are to acquire a dog, know that you have options to choose from different breeds. Would you like a companion? Do you need help on a farm? Do you need a personal assistant? Would you like to show? Do you want an active or a more relaxed dog? Do you want a more alert dog, or one that doesn’t mind people going by? Is the size of the dog matter to you? Do you want a short hair or longer coated dog? Do you mind the grooming? Do you mind the slobber? Do you have allergies? Do you live in extreme hot or cold climate that your dog needs to adapt to? How much time and energy do you have to keep up with your dog? Are you willing to train your dog?
Think about these questions, as they can be extremely helpful for you to  make the best selection, or even limit the choices you have. Some may sound ridiculous, but trust me, when months and years pass, you want to make sure you love that dog the same or even more then you did on the first days.  I want to help you build a long lasting companionship, and not for you to end up with a depressed dog, or them ending up on the pound. 🙂

Other things to consider….

Do You Have Children?

If so, you will want to select a child friendly pooch. Also, you will want to have plans for your kids to handle the new puppy, help taking care of them, so they also become responsible  dog owners. 🙂

Do You Have Other Dogs or Pets Already in Your Home?

If yes, you want to make sure that the dog(s) or other pet(s) will be ready for a new family member, and make sure they will get along well. Size, sex, temperament, behavior are just some to consider.

Does Your Schedule Meet Your Dog’s?

Not many of us can stay with our pooches all day. If you have to stay away for most of the day, you will have to provide a comfortable and safe space for your dog to stay while you’re away. Crating a dog all day should not be a choice. But having them in a room, or gating an area with possible access to go outside where they can stay safe and out of trouble. If needed, find someone to walk your pooch regularly.  Also make sure they have access to drinking water all the time.

Can You Afford a Dog?

Having a dog will definitely add to your expenses. Not just the initial cost of acquiring a dog, and initial supplies, but ongoing expenses of quality food, vet, toys, and activities.
Consider also, that large dogs need more space, eat more, their vaccinations and all vet expenses will be higher. A regular visit to the vet could be from $50 to a couple hundreds, and if there are treatments or surgeries needed, they could cost thousands of dollars.

I hope I didn’t scare you off getting a dog yet, so we can go to the next step, choosing and getting a new puppy or dog. 🙂

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