Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Knowing the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is vitally important because their use varies drastically. CBD and hemp oils are made from different parts of the plant and have different purposes. Both contain components sought after for their healthful properties and have established themselves as useful products – albeit for vastly different reasons.

Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is made from pressing hemp seeds and, as you’ve noticed, is used in a variety of products, like cooking oil and cosmetics.

Hemp oil does not contain CBD.

Hemp-seed oil is used as a protein supplement for food, as varnish for wood and, because of its remedial properties for hair and skin, as an ingredient in the lotion and soap products.

Hemp Oil is regulated in its production and is tested for THC amounts but is not tested for CBD amounts.

Cannabidiol or CBD Oil

CBD is a compound found in hemp flowers, so extractors try to pull as much of it from the plant matter as they can and then purify it further.

CBD oil is generally used for medicinal purposes, treating inflammation, pain, sleeping disorders and even certain types of epileptic seizures.

CBD Oil is regulated in its production and is tested for THC & CBD amounts.

  Neither oils contains THC more then 0.3%, therefore neither oils have psychoactive effects.

Organic CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Horses or Other Pets

We offer locally grown, Full Spectrum CBD oil for your pets, small or large, regardless of age.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive, and is used  for various ailments with miraculous results.
Check out our article about the benefits of CBD for your dog.

All ingredients were harvested, processed, lab tested in Oregon, USA.

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  1. My chief is also a fan of CBD, he uses them every day.

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