Medical Cannabis & Pets

Medical Cannabis & Pets

“It’s been known for many years that animals have many essential bodily functions that are maintained by system involving natural cannabinoidsa class of plant chemicals that also happen to be found in cannabis. These include brain function, immune function and inflammation, among others. Some researchers have suggested that wide variety of health problems (including cancer) in animals as well as humans might involve a poorly functioning endocannabinoid system. It makes sense that a plant rich in chemicals that interact with the body’s natural health systems could potentially be very useful as medicine. This theory seems to be supported by recent clinical studies. It also appears that CBDs and other plant compounds present in cannabis have potential medicinal benefits completely separate from THC.

There are now quite a few cannabis products for veterinary use on the market. They are hemp-based, high in CBDs, and are completely legal for veterinarians to recommend or prescribe because they contain no significant amounts of THC. Studies have shown CBD to be extremely safe, with no adverse effects even in high doses, so I have felt comfortable with these products in my practice. I have found them especially useful for anxiety and pain relief in my patients. Recently I was able to significantly reduce the amount of a narcotic pain drug a dog was being given (with adverse side effects) by substituting a cannabis product. Even though the dog suffers from an incurable cancer, he is now more active and alert, is less painful and has a better appetite. Another case involved a canine patient with “old dog” dementia that was anxious and frequently keeping his guardians awake at night. The dog seems more “present” and calmer, and everybody’s sleeping well now, thankfully.”

Source: Dr Judkins
Animalkind Holistic Veterinary Clinic

Organic CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Horses or Other Pets

We offer locally grown, Full Spectrum CBD oil for your pets, small or large, regardless of age.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive, and is used  for various ailments with miraculous results.
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All ingredients were harvested, processed, lab tested in Oregon, USA.

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