Car Seat Hammock for Dogs & Seat Belt

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No more scratches and stains! Protect your car or truck’s bench with this heavy duty waterproof seat cover.

We understand the importance of having your pooch with you on the road, keeping your car clean and stain free in the meantime, and keep you both safe in your own space. That is why we developed a durable, waterproof car hammock that is 57″ x 57″ to fit most standard cars, SUVs and trucks.
Made of heavy-duty waterproof material that will protect your car seat from scratches, liquid spills, mud, sand, dog hair, slobber and more and create a hammock so your pooch won’t be able to climb to the front, and will be kept safe on the bench.

It converts easily between bench cover and hammock with just a snap of a buckle.

It installs quick and easy with the 4 sets of snap buckles that wrap around the head rests. The seat anchors can be inserted between the cushions to fasten the cover. We included two velcro openings for the seat belts to keep your pooch or passenger safe. The long zipper in the middle can be opened in case your dog shares the bench with a human passenger to make the space comfortable for both.
Wipe it clean, or vacuum it while in the car, or wash it in the laundry.

Size: 57″ x 57″ inches
Material: water-resistant oxford fabric, waterproof polyester

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The easiest way to protect the back seat of your car, sub or truck from dirt, spills, scratches and fur. Made with heavy-duty, waterproof polyester to ensure maximum protection for car seats. It is durable, easy to clean and even easier to install.
The Shaggy Dog seat cover is a Hammock convertible design, heavy-duty and waterproof material, seat anchors to secure your cover in place, seat belt openings with Velcro closure, adjustable and reinforced headrest straps for easy installation, color fast material.
How to use: Simply snap the buckle straps around the backseat headrests and insert the seat anchors in between back seat cushions to hold it in place. You can adjust the reinforced headrest straps to tailor the fit to your back seats. For the hammock feature, just snap the bottom buckle straps to the front seats headrests. Unzip if passenger will share the bench with your dog.
Easy to clean and maintain: Machine washable in cold water. Use gentle or delicate cycle and air dry. Easy to vacuum and wipe off.

Size: 57″ x 57″ inches
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Material: water-resistant oxford fabric, waterproof polyester


Customer Q & A:

Q: What do the anchors attach to under the seat?
A: They do not attach under the seat, you can simply slide them in between the cushions. You can place the straps over the head rests on the back seat and the front seats or just the back seats and let the hammock drop if you please. You may also unzip the hammock in the middle just to use it half across the bench and have a passenger sit next to your pooch.

* * *

Q: Does this have slots for a seat belt?
A: Yes, it has 2 wide velcro openings for seat belts.

* * *

Q: What is the best way to clean this?
A: Just wipe with a wet cloth, and it is also machine washable.

* * *

Q: Can someone sit in the back seat with the pets and still have leg room?
A: Yes. There is a zipper so half part of the hammock folds down. A passenger
can comfortably sit next to the pet and also buckle in through one of the velcro
openings for seat belt.

* * *

Q: What material is the bench cover?
A: It is made of a heavy duty Oxford 600D polyester with pvc coating on the backside to make it more water-resistent.

* * *

Q: Can this be used in the cargo area of my car or SUV?
A: Yes. You can place the straps over the back side of the head rests of the back seat, and let it cover the cargo area.

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1 review for Car Seat Hammock for Dogs & Seat Belt

  1. Kelley

    This hammock is a life saver! We are on the road all the time and this seat cover just saves me so much time to keep my car clean. Not to mention I worry half as much about where my dogs go 🙂 We often go to the beach where we play a lot of catch with my dogs. I try and clean them up as much as I can before we get in the car, but of course the sand always finds a way into my car! With this seat cover it’s a breeze for me to clean it up after each trip. I bought another for my boyfriend’s truck too, and he loves it. Great heavy duty material that is waterproof and very easy to clean.

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