Snow Tubing Was Awesome (Until My Dog Pooped in My Car)

Snow Tubing Was Awesome (Until My Dog Pooped in My Car)

Winter is an incredible time for us to spend outside. Sometimes it seems like there are more ways to enjoy the outdoors during the freezing cold temperatures than the summer. Skiing, ice skating, and one of my favorites: snow tubing.

I decided to take my dog to the hill about 10 minutes down the street from where I live. I thought I could go tubing, he could run around a little bit. It wasn’t too cold, and Ginger (my dog) always loves a good run.

We pulled up and he was amped. Jumped out of the car and started doing circles. It was the perfect setup, I could be close to him, but also try my hand at some tubing. What I didn’t expect, was after my first slide down the hill, Ginger was chasing me…wanting to try tubing for himself!

We had a blast. Turns out he’s really awesome at it – as long as I hold him in my lap.

We spent about 30 minutes outside and jumped back into my car. Ginger always takes the backseat, so I got nice heavy duty bench cover for him, so I don’t have to worry about the mess. This time, I was especially thankful for having the car seat cover. Not only did Ginger take the backseat, he took a dump. For real. In my car.

I don’t know if it was the excitement, the cold or what, but two minutes from my house, the usually very well behaved (and trained Ginger) just let loose. So here’s my winter wish for all dog owners: invest in a waterproof car seat cover. It will save you some trouble. I just picked up the poop with a plastic bag, and used a wipe to clean up the mess, and like nothing happened. Phew.

Learn from my story…even though tubing is awesome and it’s fun to bring your dog…you just never know when they’re going to feel like using your backseat as a public restroom. 😀


Rick & Ginger


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